Mission Statement

The mission of the Democratic Party of Valencia County is to promote the platform and ideals of the Democratic Party by identifying and utilizing a grassroots network of volunteers who will focus on supporting and electing qualified Democrats to local, state and national offices.

The Valencia County Democratic Message

Who you vote for makes a difference. Elections count and government does matter! Democrats have always stood for the idea that wealth and status should not be an entitlement to rule. As Democrats we realize that our country and our economy are strongest when there is opportunity for all. Historically Democrats have and will continue to fight for everyday New Mexicans. Democrats oppose balancing the budget on the backs of our working families, our poor and our elderly. Democrats will fight for jobs, a living wage and decent working conditions. Democrats will lead the way to affordable healthcare and a quality education for our children. Democrats will stand up for equality and justice for all New Mexicans. Democrats understand the unique beauty of our state and they will work to protect our most precious resources. Democrats, now more than ever, must stand together and rally around our shared priorities. As Democrats we recognize that each of us has an obligation to each other, to our neighbors and to our communities. We believe that government can be a force for good and a source of hope.

Principle Objectives

  • Promote Democratic Party activities to all interested citizens and encourage more Democrats to become active in local political affairs.
  • Recruit, nominate, support and elect outstanding local leaders to govern and guide us, today and tomorrow.
  • Organize Voter Registration Drives.
  • Communicate the Democratic Message consistently and effectively and respond to half truths and misinformation immediately.
  •  Maintain open and positive communication between elected officials and the citizens of our community.
  • Offer a forum for vigorous discussion of local issues and support the concerns of all residents with issues affecting their community.
  • Support county, state and national efforts of the Democratic Party by campaigning, fundraising and educating the voters of Valencia County.
  • Provide the direct support necessary to get Democrats elected to office.
  • Increase Democratic voter turnout.

How You Can Help

  • Be an informed citizen and talk to your neighbors and friends.
  • Serve on one of our various committees.
  • Volunteer to help with fundraisers or campaigns.
  • Make a monetary contribution.
  • Keep in touch with us. We value your opinions and ideas.